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Pentomino Cover Game

A puzzle-game written in Python 3 and the Tk GUI toolkit

The Pentomino Cover Game is a small puzzle that I developed back in 2013, when I was learning Python. I initially wrote it in Python 2, and later decided to port it to Python 3.

I made this game after I saw a wooden version of it, and I was fascinated by just how incredibly hard it is to find a solution to this puzzle. (Hint: you have a better chance at finding it if you can code! 😉)

Screenshot of the game with 3 pentominoes still to be placed

Running the game

You can download the game from its Github repository. (You can also simply download the game.py file.) Make sure that the Tk GUI toolkit is available on your system. On Ubuntu, run: sudo apt install python3-tk

Finally, launch the game like so: python3 game.py


On top of this “virtual” version of the game, I also made a physical version of it with the help of my uncle. It's made of wood, like most of the things my uncle helped me build. I guess one could make this more easily with a 3D printer, but where's the fun in that? 😆

pentomino wood
Work in Progress

Since the puzzle's solution is so hard, it doesn't really make for a very fun game to play… But it's a nice way to keep guests busy 😈


I’m a Software Engineer, in my free time I like cooking 🍕 playing piano 🎹 and creating programming challenges 👨‍💻I’m currently living in Zurich 🇨🇭

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